Sunday, May 23, 2010


19 May 2010


It was a coldish morning this morning so showers in the covered area for us this morning.

We decided to explore the station in the morning. So off we went along the designated track.

The track was graded and frequently flanked by savahanh woodlands.
What the most striking immediate feature was the abundance of paddy melons along the track.

There were interesting rocks with bands of yellow along one creek bed.

We decided that driving for drivings sake with no actual destination or landmark to see was a bit pointless so we decided to retrace our steps and keep going to Davenport National Park. On the radio they were forecasting rain tomorrow and Friday in this area. Will see what happens.

We had been told that the Binn track was the most scenic way to get there.

As we travelled we saw many flocks of bright lime green budgies. Today we saw more animals than on any other day. We have hardly seen any signs of animal life on the trip. Still have not seen any camels but cows we have seen in the last two days.

The ranges were interesting and ever changing.

Eventually we hit Plenty Highway. Was I glad as nine gates I had to open and close today. We went on to Gem Creek Caravan Park to get some fuel as we had not anticipated doing the extra mileage at Ambalindum. We wanted to make sure we had enough fuel to go to Davenport National Park via the Binns Track. At Gem Creek they would only sell us $60 worth of fuel. Apparently they only get a delivery once a month and they want to make sure they don’t run out. They told us where else to get fuel. The information they gave us on the Binns track was very sobering. They were not sure we could get through the creek at Derry Downs. So after some consideration we decided to go to the Sandover Highway and miss that section of the Binns Track.

We bush camped off the Plenty Highway and planned tomorrow’s trip.

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