Saturday, June 5, 2010


2 June 2010


In the morning we headed for Corroborree Park Tavern as we were booked on a one hour cruise of the wetlands at Corroborree Billabong. A mini bus picked up passengers from the tavern to take them along the dirt road to the billabong.

The billabong was beautiful. Lots of lillies, birds and several crocodiles.

One crocodile did something very weird. The tour guide said he had never seen a croc do this. As it was swimming it suddenly sort of dived in the water and all we could see was this hump.

It then straightened out and swam for a bit

and then did his contortion act again. It was certainly weird.

There was a bird nesting on the edge of the billabong and had a floating nest – apparently it was only about 5 days until the chicks would hatch.

A crocodile was resting on the land as birds milled all aound it.

A family of ducks, most had been kidnapped apparently by the parent ducks were marching in a line from one spot to another.

Apparently this area that looked like it would be land had about half a metre of water under the plants. The plants were actually floating.

The sights along the way were just beautiful. The pictures tell their own story.

After the cruise we stopped to have a look at Humpty Doo, Barra Shack and Didjeridoo Hut. All were very disappointing. My hubby was determined to take me to Berry Springs and as we didn’t have unlimited kilometres we decided to spend the afternoon there rather than go out for the day another time. On the way we went past a burn off. They had the sign that there was smoke haze ahead. It was not smoke haze – it was very thick smoke and we couldn’t see the front of the car let alone anything ahead. It was very scarey. Hubby slowed down and said he was worried that someone would go into the back of us. Not too far on we hit another thick smoke patch for a longer period and then a third that was the worst of the lot. It was dangerous and we were not comfortable driving through it. In addition with windows closed we were smelling and breathing in smoke.

Berry Springs was just glorious.

One could truly spend the day here. The springs were just delightful and the water temperature was just right.

The two rock pools were nice as well. What a beautiful swimming hole so close to Darwin.

On our way back at Noonamah we were pulled up as there was a bad accident ahead. After a while they let us through. The accident had happened on the road going south where the burn off was taking place. In some places the flames were quite close to the road. It was an eight car pile up involving 17 people. Having experienced going through that so called haze earlier today we were not surprised to see the accident. Luckily there were no fatalities.

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