Thursday, July 29, 2010


9 – 15 July 2010


Hubby is always very optimistic and his mate told him he will have the parts by Monday or Tuesday. I tend t be more realistic and my comment was but the post may only come here once or twice a week.

Anyway he headed off early in the morning in the Oka to get the radiator fixed whilst I stayed in the caravan park as we had set up our fly tent. I did the washing and some quilting. Luckily I had taken out something for lunch. As the day progressed I began to wander what else could be wrong. I could’ve walked over to have a look but Carol, the manager of the caravan park, advised me against it. The mechanic does not lke females in his yard. So I stayed here and waited. It was not till after 4.00pm that he came back. They only got the tank out by lunchtime. They tested it every which way and could not find the leak. The pepper has done such a good job. So some Stop Leak went in and the radiator was put back in. That was the good news.

We then went to the post office to let them know that we were expecting something to come through in an express envelope. She told us maybe this coming Thursday – today is Friday - or else the following Thursday. Mmmmmmm!!!

So here we are in Borroloola wandering how we will spend the rest of the time when we can’t drive the vehicle anywhere. Today was day one and at least hubby was busy helping with the radiator.

Day 2:

I quilted whilst hubby helped the manager’s husband assemble several quad BIKES.

Day 3:

I quilted whilst hubby read a book. I also redid my excel accommodation record worksheets and hubby helped with the formulas.

Day 4:

Visited the local Art Centre then came back to the caravan park. Hubby did some jobs around the Oka including adjustments to the fridge set up to stop it jumping around during rough roads. He did go for a walk to get a bulb for the torch and some butter. He came back without both – not available. There is a food delivery on Wednesday so we will wait for the butter till then. He went to another service station in the afternoon for the bulb. He got one but it is so old that he had to make adjustments for it to fit as the newer torches have a slightly different fitting for the bulb. He said they were covered in dust and he thinks they had forgotten that they had them. A cop dropped in with a quad bike that wasn’t working properly. As Hank was out Carol asked hubby to have a look at it. So he fixed the problem. Then more reading by hubby and I quilted.

Day 5:

More quilting and reading today. Oil was checked in the car and the solar panels were washed. The first mail delivery for the week came but no parts. It seems express post always comes by truck not plane here. So we will wait to see what Thursday will bring.

Day 6:

Hubby topped up the water in the car. He can’t even fathom the idea that the parts may not come tomorrow. He checked out the library – no internet at the moment as they have a virus in the system. We went shopping as the delivery was supposed to have come. Got some fresh fruit and vegetables but no butter. So I will have to resort to margarine. It is strange what you can and cannot buy here.

I finished my quilt Snowscape that I will enter for selection in the Australia Wide 2 exhibition by Ozquilt. I am happy with it. I am not sure of the rules re publishing a photo of a work being submitted for selection so I will post a photo of the quilt only when I can ascertain that I can do so. Now I can start on another quilt that I had prepared to work on on the trip.

Day 7:

The parts arrived. Hoorah!!! In mid afternoon the car was roadworthy once more. We drove out to Bing Bong to have a look. The mines have built a channel through the sea flats so that boars can come in to the mine her.

Tomorrow we should be on our way again. We have been without internet access for quite a while now so hopefully we can pick it up in Mt Isa when we get there.

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