Wednesday, August 4, 2010


20 July 2010


Another cold morning this morning. Temperature was slightly down from yesterday’s morning.

Not an interesting drive to Longreach. Vast open plains. Yet there is something in those vast open plains with no sign of man made structures. Where else in the world could you experience such sights. Even though they look empty they are not. They are teeming with life. Birds, emus, kangaroos, sheep are those most visible but what about those that are not visible from afar. I was not a long drive to Longreach.

We did see an empty cattle train heading west this morning.

We strolled the streets of Longreach and went to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. What a fantastic tribute to those who are the backbone of our nation. The building itself captured the feel of the outback. The exhibit portrayed the spirit, culture, passion and the harshness of outback life. It was just awesome. There was just so much information. You couldn’t take it in, in one go. It is a MUST visit place for all Australians.

Ilfracombe was just up the road from Longreach and is famous for its mile long outdoor machinery museum.

Barcaldine was a lovely clean and proud town. Six colourful pubs lined the main street.

The Tree of Knowledge, now a preserved art piece has pride of place.

The merimba canopy provides an interesting foil for the tree.

Just down from it was the seat of knowledge. Not sure what knowledge it imparted to someone sitting on it.

A very lovely town. We bush camped for the night just south of Barcaldine. No eating outside any more as it is getting too cold.

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