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23 July 2010


It is the last day of our trip to south to north. Of all days, the inverter would not charge the computer today so we couldn’t record the track for the trip or use the moving map to navigate. This was particularly off putting as we were following the route according to Google map directions. So we relied on the GPS but that doesn't give you enough information of where you are going next. Actually taking the short cut route ended up being much quicker than had we gone the other way.

It was very misty when we set off this morning.

Since leaving Nyngen yesterday we have been off the main roads and travelling on secondary roads many of them were dirt roads but in good condition.

We couldn’t believe the amount of water that was around. In many places we went through deep large pools of water on the road.

On Wyrra Lane we felt as if we were travelling in a creek not on a road as the water went on and on.

It felt like an adventure travelling along this designated route as we were bypassing most towns and travelled on narrow lanes and streets. The dirt roads were often very muddy. We passed many sheep stations. Baby lambs were keeping close to their mothers.

The fields were very green in places.  It looks like the drought has finally broken here.

Before long we were in familiar territory as we came closer to Boorowa.

From Boorowa we decided to head back on roads known to us rather than continue along the short cut. Being so close yet so far we thought we would hit the highway.

It felt good travelling through familiar territory that was so different from what we had seen.  Having been away you looked at it with fresh eyes and were able to enjoy the beauty of it rather than taking it for granted.

The kilometres seem to fly past the closer we got to Canberra.

It was a cold day in Canberra and lots of road work was evident as we travelled to the southern suburbs.

As we headed closer to home we reflected on the trip we had done. It was an exciting trip and we saw some amazing sights, met some interesting people and went to places off the beaten track. Some sights we saw we are unlikely to see again due the unusual wet season and the unusual amount of rain that many outback areas experienced this year. We were truly privileged to experience these rare sights such as Old Andado nestling in a ring of red sand dunes with a huge lake lapping the homestead.

We couldn’t get over how much water we saw either along the roads or in the rivers and the number of salt water crocodiles.  I can still visualise  the amazing rock formations, termite mounds and boabs.

We felt that there were many highlights to the trip. The most striking included:

  • Entering Northern territory through a closed gate
  • Ubirr rock paintings
  • The beauty and isolation of Cobourg Peninsula
  • Gumlon waterfall and the ‘goat track’ to the upper pools
  • Bullita track with its limestone steps and challenging river crossing
  • The water cascades at Flora River National Park
  • The beauty of Edith Fall
  • The pristine landscape along Central Arnhem Highway
  • Savannah Way (we will do it again if there is an opportunity) and the Western Lost City
  • The amazing building and exhibit at Stockman’s Hall of Fame

Several eating experiences will also not be forgotten:

  1. Fish and Chips or should I say Barra and chips on the wharf in Darwin
  2. The Nhulunbuy hamburger
  3. Maisie’s Café at Pine Creek

We wander where we will head to next for a major trip – north Queensland or maybe the Canning Stock Route or it could even be Tasmania.  It is now time to start planning that next trip.  So 15,098 kilometres later and after 299 driving hours for now it will be good to be home before we head for the snow country next week.

The first thing we did when we got home was light the fire as it was cold.

What a fabulous trip!

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