Saturday, March 26, 2011


12 March 2011

An AMAZING day!!!!!!!!

As dawn broke we were all out on deck (or nearly everyone except those that had very few hours sleep). Most of them got woken by the better halves to let them know what they were going to miss if they continued their slumbers.

Sunny, warm, no wind!!!!!!!

The sea ice was starting to form.

The perfect day!!!!!!


The beautiful ice locked coastline with its everlasting ice was a dazzling on this sunny day.

The water was a beautiful blue reflecting the ice beneath.

Glistening white, shinning blue, raven black – oh what contrasts!

Everyone was out with their camera’s clicking away crazily. Wherever you looked it was just magic.

We travelled along the amazing Lemaire Channel that is seven miles long and less than a kilometre wide.

Just glorious as peak after peak, pinnacle after pinnacle went past along the coastline.

Ice flows of various shapes went by some with a seal or two lying on them.

Minky whales kept surfacing around us.

A wild continent – deep creavasses, pressure ridges.

You could see how the rugged coastline is formed by the powerful force of ice as glacial valleys spill over vasts clifts

into the sea spawining huge icebergs.

The power of snow and ice in forming valleys, hills and sculpting mountains was just amazing.

It was like being part of a fairy tale floating in zodiacs around Iceberg Alley after exiting the channel.

We had a great group in our zodiac as we cruised between the icebergs for over an hour.

Iceberg Alley was between Booth and Pleneau Islands.

What strange shapes are formed by natural elements.

When I looked back our ship looked as if it was set in a sea of ice.

Amazing formations!

Birds seem to enjoy their view from the tops of the icebergs.

Only 10% of the icebergs are above water. The rest are below. Every so often the iceberg tipsover and new formations emerge from the sea depths.

The ice flows provided a safe haven for Crabeater seals.

What a way to travel on a fast moving ice flow.

After floating past the icebergs and ice flows

we went to Port Carcot, and inlet on Booth Island.

Here colonies of Gentoo and Adelie penguins rule the island.

A very scenic island!

The penguins overall were not as active on this island.  There were several though that decided it was time for some fun in the water.

The penguins merged into the scenery here amongst the rocks.

As the weather was just so great a barbeque was lit on deck

and we were greeted with tasty hot dogs on arriving back on the ship.

Those of us that arrived in the first boats were able to see the stunning view of the others returning to the ship

whilst we mingled and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

The crew created a penguin from the snow and ice and were also out on the deck enjoying the weather.

Today the crew went all out for lunch. Just after eating the hot dogs we were called in for a three course lunch.  Huge pieces of barbequed beef, lamb and chicken greeted us as well as an ‘iceberg’ for desert.

Much to the crews surprise the perfect weather continued through the afternoon.

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