Friday, March 18, 2011

DAYS 7-8 ANTARCTICA TRIP - Drake Passage

7-8 March 2011


On our way to the ship we picked up the skis. The sign outside should have said ‘Skiing Trip’. Then back on the bus and we were delivered to the port. It didn’t take long to settle in.

We sailed away from Ushuaia along the Beagle Channel at 6.00pm with eighty four passengers on board. Excitement, trepidation, the unknown before us. We were warned that the crossing of Drake's Passage could be rough and to take medication if we thought we may need it.

Our room is tiny. There is no room to move. Quite a few got upgraded but we missed out. The bunks are very narrow and there is no room to put things. Both of us cannot get dressed at the same time.

As we sailed out we had a practice getting into the life boats. Not a pleasant experience. Getting into the life boats was not easy and being inside the lifeboats was not pleasant. The life jackets felt as if they were choking you.

It was calm going till about 1.00am when we entered Drake’s Passage. The boat started to roll from side to side. Next morning not many people surfaced for breakfast or the rest of the day. Hubby was fine whilst I spent most of the day in bed surfacing for short periods of time. As soon as I would sit or stand up I would feel off. They were expecting 5-6m waves but instead they were much smaller but it was still enough to upset quite a few. We were told by the crew that it was an easy passage through Drake today.

As it was International Women’s Day one of the men in the party presented each female with a flower. Apparently that is the tradition in Lithuania.

Those that were up today gathered in the lounge bar area.

It was an early night tonight for everyone.

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