Sunday, April 3, 2011


15-16 March 2011

At night the boat started to roll. Those that thought they couldn’t handle the crossing back along Drake’s Passage took medication the night before. It is not too bad – the waves are not high but lots of swells. The boat rocks from side to side and at times front to back.

So two very quiet days on board. On Tuesday not may surfaced in the morning but by afternoon most people were up and around watching films, looking at photos, reading or just relaxing.

On Wednesday the day started well – it was fine, a slight breeze, and the sea with small swells.

We made good time so the boat anchored in a sheltered spot after lunch to wait for the pilot to guide us into Ushuaia in the morning. Our last dinner was the captain’s dinner. The crew was dressed up. A beautiful dinner with a champagne toast with the captain brought the cruise to an end.

I spent those days thinking about where we had been. What an amazing experience – a once in a lifetime experience. I have stepped foot on the white continent. We experienced her beauty, ruggednes, isolation, wildness s and somehow evaded those much heard about winds.
A trip of a lifetime!

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