Saturday, July 28, 2012


17 June 2012

STAGE 1 Jindabyne to Curtin Springs  DAY 6


A leasurely start this morning.

Last time we were here our friends had just acquired a 1923 Gray with the intention of restoring it. Look at the difference now.

He had also restored an old hundred year old engine and was working on fine tuning it. It needed a bit of coaxing to get it started.

Mid morning we were on our way again. Now we were heading for Blinman to surprise hubby’s nephew who moved there earlier in the year. The old stone buildings in this part of SA are just so beautiful. We stopped at Qorn for lunch and visited the Outback Colours Art Gallery. Some stunning landscapes were on display.

We stopped at both Huck’s and Stoke’s Hill Lookouts along the way. At Blinman we called in at the pub to find out where our nephew lived only to find out he was out of town for the night. So we decided to stay and catch up with him the following day when they got back from Pt Augusta. He has lovely acerage just out of town so we camped there for the night after dinner at the pub. There is an old ruin on the block. We later learnt that he was going to restore it.

Everyone is very friendly here. It is the highest town in SA at 650m. The town population is 22 and it survives on tourism. Phones don’t work here nor does internet unless you have satellite connection. No wonder my sister-in-law told us to go to the pub to make contact with her son.

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