Friday, August 3, 2012


22 June 2012
STAGE 1 Jindabyne to Curtin Springs  DAY 11


Short drive today. As we drove closer to Curtin Springs views of Mt Connor rose majestically out of the landscape. We turned off onto the dirt road to Victory Downs as the other Oka’s had camped there last night.

We were so absorbed with the views of Mt Connor that we missed the Oka campsite. They called us up on the radio to tell us we had gone too far.

Harry was in the middle of the road waving when we finally turned back to find the spot.

We soon met our fellow travellers. Jenny and Harry in Oka 45, Gary and Chris in Oka 306 and Tony and Betty in Oka 123. Looks like we are in for some fun.  An interesting assortment of personalities.

We soon took off for Curtin Springs as we were meeting our friends who were travelling west to east at Curtin Springs.

Just after noon we were all set up. The other Oka’s soon joined us. So we alternated between the two groups as we caught up with friends and got to know our fellow traveller’s. This trip was Gary and Chris‘s initiative.

We were also entertained by the local emu wandering around the park.

As I baked some bread we had some nibbles and champagne with our friends. Then after a lovely dinner out we continued to catch up over a drink or two. Fabulous night.

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