Saturday, August 25, 2012


9-10 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Days 7-8

We decided to stay here for another two nights. So one day was washing, cleaning, car check, car fix and shower day. Harry fixed his hubs up whilst the others gave the cars a thorough check.

One of our group has ‚instant hot water‘ gadget so we were all able to have a warm shower with the water from pool at the base of the rocks. How glorious was that – clean and refreshed!

The first day flew past as we were all busy with our chores. Before long it was dinner and campfire time. Hubby played the accordion and we all just relaxed.

The second day we went exploring the surrounds.  We had intended to do the three hour walk but the rocks beat us. The guys went on ahead and said we wouldn’t reach the top of the rocks for hand holds to get ourselves over them.

A few more maintenance chores cropped up as a Garrys‘ fridge needed repairs, as did our our steps.

For afternoon tea we tried a recipe to make crumpets and decided it passed the test.

Another opportunity for a shower and our stay at this delightful place was coming to a close.

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