Tuesday, June 8, 2010


7 June 2010


The gear box was scheduled to arrive in Darwin last night with TNT.

We waited
           and waited
                       and waited
                                  and waited for the phone call from the TNT depot

                                  BUT . . .
                                                  it didn’t come.

So we rang them. We were tracking it on the computer and it was showing that it was in Melbourne. We were worried. They are telling us that it is in transit. They told us they would ring us around 11.00am or maybe a little later as the truck was being unloaded.

Guess what. They called after lunch. No good news - it was not on the truck. Should arrive tomorrow. No apology,nothing!

It is just so frustrating.

We are feeling absolutely flat!

We are also stuck a bit. We don’t want to drive the Oka anywhere as it is getting worse and it is not safe to drive so slow on fast roads . We have just about exhausted where we can go on the bus. On top of everything else hubby's phone is going straight to message bank but it is not set up for it. As well there is no indication that there is anything on message bank. We need to find a Telstra dealer as when he wanted to fix it by phone the automated system does not recognise what he is saying.

So whilst waiting for the phone call hubby spent the time reading whilst I finally got going on some quilting. I have taken a printed paper but it is more like fabric, (I can’t remember what it is called) and have cut it up and spread it on the fabric and am exploring the effect of extending lines from the printed sections onto the rest of the fabric. I may also extend the shapes – don’t know yet. It will be an interesting exercise.

We activated our NRMA premium cover. To do so they had to send their equivalent mechanic out to check the car out and determine whether it really is unable to be driven in town. We are in a funny position where the car still goes but it is not safe to drive it at the speed it goes in the Darwin traffic. NRMA agreed to activate the cover so at least we will have a car again for the next couple of days as we continue to
                               and wait for the gear box to come.

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