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8 June 2010


As there was no phone call today before 9.30am we decided to rebook for the night at the caravan park and went in our hire car – a Mitsubishi Lancer to Casuarina Shopping Centre to get the mobile phone attended to. After the phone problem was sorted hubby rang TNT. They told him to ring back in 30 minutes. So 30 minutes later he rang back and they told him they had no idea what was happening with the consignment. They didn’t know where it was.

What I should tell you is that there is a national TNT number that you have to ring. They would not give us the location of the NT depot or the phone number for the depot. The Darwin telephone directory also only had the national number listed and no location. However, one of the girls that worked at the caravan park told us that they were located up the road on Stuart Highway.

So very frustrated we found the depot on Stuart highway – or should I say what used to be the depot. Luckily they had a notice on the building to say where they had relocated to. So off we went to their new location. The young girl at reception instigated a search. She also told us that they never have any trucks – or loads come in on Tuesday. The next delivery would only be arriving tomorrow. We felt like the botom had fallen out. So whoever we spoke to on the phone yesterday was lying to us about it coming in today.

Then lo and behold they found it in the depot. And on top of that it had arrived yesterday after all. Yet there was no record of it arriving on the tracking system. I was fuming. Hubby organised for it to be collected by the guys who are putting it in the car whilst I asked to speak to the supervisor. All sorts of excuses were offered but what it boiled down to was that someone had not scanned it when it had come off the truck and so it was ‚lost‘. Had we not come in to the depot we could have been waiting for days. Without the hire car it would have been impossible to do the running around we did.

So finally a sense of relief. We were to take the Oka straight to the workshop. I rang to organise accommodation through our Premium Care cover as we were not able to stay in the Oka whilst it was being worked on. At the caravan park we quickly packed up. The Caravan Park was great as they reimbursed us today’s fee. By the time we got to the workshop NRMA had provided information on the accommodation they had organised. For once things came together. We got together a few belongings and headed for Hidden Valley Tourist Park where we have a holiday unit. It is an absolutely beautiful place to stay. It has a lovely mix of holiday units - more upmarket than the usual caravan cabins, powered sites on the grass, premium powered sites, powered sites with their own ensuite and unpowered sites for tents.

Finally we felt like a huge burden was lifted of our shoulders and that we could relax. So we drove to town and went to see Crocosaurus Cove. It was very informative and well set up. In the reptile section one exhibition had 3 pythons. One male python had been introduced into the exhibit just an hour ago. Well the two males were at - they were going at each other. I missed photographing the bit where they were like a single python all twisted together. We did enjoy Crocosaurus Cove.

Then we drove to Lee Point to have a look and to watch the sunset. We had originally planned on staying at Lee Point on recommendation of someone we met in Alice Springs. Due to its location and the need to be near a bus stop saw us go to another caravan park and we did not stay here but were curious about this part of Darwin.

The beach was so different from those on the east coast. As it was low tide the water was far out.

There was lots of dead coral high up on the beach.

I saw the patterns in the sand similar to those I had seen in the Kimberley.

The sand was very hard and the undulations were hard and very raised – uncomfortable for walking barefoot.

It was also strange to see sections that were carved out by the action of the water with a section in front where the sand is smooth.

We also had some good news today from our daughter. Our grandson may not have to have a graft for the burn he received last week. It is still borderline but it is healing well. The only thing is that he has to have the dressing changed by a doctor twice a week. They are living at Smiggins for the winter so that makes it hard for the parents to manage as they are both working. Our other grandson is also healing well from the cut through lip. Hopefully our stars in alignment now.

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