Friday, November 19, 2010

Big changes

17 November 2010

I have been very quiet on the blog as life has been just so full on.

We have made some life changing decisions. After 43 years we have decided to part with our home in Canberra and to have a mountain change, by moving to Jindabyne. We are going to forsake the beautiful views that we see on our morning walks

for different views of the dam, lake and mountains.

So we are in the process of selling and buying.

In the meantime, before this decision, I spent a wonderful week in Geelong attend Bob Adams (from USA) Discharge dyeing workshop. It was just fabulous. I wanted to get home and start experimenting.

Instead I am packing up the studio and don’t know when I will be able to begin working again on my pieces as I need to build a studio. That in itself will be exciting. So currently am gathering information and deciding on the type and size of studio I want.

We went to Sydney to see the Australia Wide 2 exhibition at Fairfield. It is just wonderful. My quilt snowscape is in the exhibition. To see this exhibition just go to or and you can see it as well.

Currently we are all concerned with the health of one of our granddaughters as we wait for the result of her operation.

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