Wednesday, August 15, 2012


27 June 2012

STAGE 2 Day 5 Curtin Springs to Wiluna


Another windy day. It is beginning to get to us – warm sun, cold wind.  Not just coldish but very cold wind.

From Jackie Junction to Warburton we continue on a 60km stretch just known as a vehicular track. Our permits don’t allow us to continue along the abandoned highway any further. What a bumma!

Warburton appeared more sterile and cleaner around the roadhouse than when we were last here.

After a brief stop at Warburton for fuel and icecream we rejoined the Grand Central Road and then turned off onto Heather Highway. Lots of camels along the way.  They tend to have a look at you and then take off.

As the corrugations were so bad we kept going on the alternate tracks that meandered in and out of the so called Heather Highway.

The oil sender wire snapped from the corrugations but was soon fixed when we stopped for the day.

Corrugation Highway it should be called
As we bounced, shaked, rattled and rolled
Corruga-a-a-a-a-a-tions as they are called
Maybe even co-o-oru-u-u-ga-a-a-ations

Where would you be without a corrugation or two
Or maybe a million and twenty-two or more
But a reasonably comfy ride was had
As tyres let down and in 4wd
We seem to skip and shim acros the tops
Then a few roller coaster dips short but fun
Then it settles down till the next rough bit
Shake, rattle and roll some more
Great exercise had by all
Kids woud love it till they get bored
Churn up the dust we did
As we slogged towards the west
Bouncing all the way

Even the camels leave prints in the dirt
Showing how smart they are as the walk
Not on corrugations so clealy marked
But on the smooth bits we seem to miss
Corrugations are not all the same
Sharp and close to make your teeth chatter
Some gentle and smooth
Some soft or hard
Or like over a grater you drive
Or the vibrations come up through your feet
Or maybe even your teeth
Whilst others shake you all about
Then suddenly make you jump out of your seat

Oh where would we be without roads such as this
To experience such dust, joy and bliss
As we travel across this ancient land
And east to west the wheels go round

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