Wednesday, August 15, 2012


25-26 June 2012

STAGE 2 Curtin Springs to Wiluna Days 3-4


After leaving the campsite we soon turned off onto the Abandoned Gunbarrel Highway. We needed a permit for this road and it was necessary to travel in a convoy of 2-5 vehicles in order to get a permit.

The Abandoned Gunbarrel Highway was a very picturesque drive. It was not challenging 4WD country but it was definitely not boring.

Some corrugations along the way. The sandy track was interspersed with gibber and stones. We were constantly surprised how quickly the vegetation changed.

We stopped for morning tea

and points of interest.  The original markers have been taken down and replicas put up in their place.

This road must not be used often as termite mounds are forming on the track.

Early stop today as after afternoon tea it was noticed that Garry’s Oka was leaking oil. So everyone pitched in to give a hand. It was a lovely afternoon as the wind had died down until 8:00pm.

We had a lovely evening again around the campfire. During the night camels visited the campsite but none of others heard them.  We saw the new tracks and place where they had made themselves comfortable during the night very close to the Okas.

Next morning we continued along this section of the highway enjoying the scenery as we meandered between sand dunes and occasionally over them. There is even a place, not on a corner with a sign stating it is a „Million Dollar Corner“.

After morning tea stop we came across a section that had been graded and was smooth sailing for a while. Then we hit some corrugations that were like going over a grater.

We stopped early for the night near Jackie Junction early in the afternoon. 

A nice campfire again brought the day to a lovely end.

Camels visited us again at night but we did not hear them.

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