Tuesday, September 4, 2012


24 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Day 23 and STAGE 4 West to East Day 1


 Hubby had decided that we needed an early start today in order to have enough time on Friday in Alice Springs before certain offices closed for the weekend. So I was expecting to say goodbye and leave before everyone else. To our utter surprise everyone decided to join us for the early start so that we could all drive out together to the Tanami. How magic was that to finish this part of the trip together.

Jenny and Harry
Chris and Gary

We drove into Billiluna, topped up with fuel and together drove out to the Tanami.

Our last photo shoot together by the sign before we headed east and the other two Oka’s west. It was hard to say goodbye. I am sure we will keep in touch and maybe do another trip together.

The Tanami Track was very different this time round to that we travelled on four years ago. It is in reasonable condition particularly to NT border. After that there were several more corrugated sections but overall it was a ‚highway‘.

The mine seems to have expanded mid way along the track. An airport with several large jets and many road trains going up and down to Alice suggest it is a busy place.

Instead of having two nights on the Tanami we only had one as we made such good time on the track. Before we knew it we were in Alice Springs on Thursday mid afternoon.

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