Sunday, July 6, 2014


1 July 2014

Adel’s Grove  - National Park (Lawn Hill NP)

It was another great day at the national park.  We spent the first part of the morning canoeing up the gorge whilst Flora did the Island Stack walk. 

It was fairly early in the morning and the birds were singing in the trees, the water was still, the sun was shinning.  It was just glorious.  We got as far as the Indarri Falls that we had walked to the day before.   It was such a different view of the gorge. 

We all got back about the same time including Flora from her walk.  After morning tea we set off for Wild Dog Dreaming Walk of 4.5 km.  It was an easy walk and mostly in the shade of paperbark and pandana trees.  It was amazing to see middens of sea shells.  The walk took us to Aboriginal art shelters.  We respected the request of the Waanyi people not to photograph the art. 

We continued on to the Lower Gorge to see if we could see some fresh water crocodiles.  We weren’t sure whether we saw some swimming in the distance.  Another beautiful spot in the park. 

We again passed the incredible tufa formations.

We then returned to Adel’s Grove and some of us lunched at the resort’s bistro.  We had beautiful local salmon and chips and salad.

After some relaxation and dinner we went back to the Grove’s deck for a presentation by Professor Archer on Riversleigh.  It was the most fascinating presentation.  He was so passionate about the subject and spoke in lay terms that was so understandable.  It was a lovely way to end our stay here.

This is as far west as we will go on this trip.  Tomorrow we start heading east

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