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30 June 2014

Adel’s Grove  - Boodjamulla National Park (Lawn Hill NP)

Having read all the information provided we decided we better have an early start to avoid walking in the heat of the day.  Consequently we saw the sun light up the terrain as we entered the national park.  It was just beautiful. 

As soon as you entered it there was a special feel about the place.  The Gregory River winds its way through the park and there is the lower, middle and upper gorge.  Gorge walls are caused by the build up of tufa.  The Waanyi people describe it as a “cultural landscape …rich tapestry of places and features imbued with spiritual presence, cultural connection and historical associations.”

The tufa formations are very interesting and clear to see on the Cascade walk as we did in the afternoon.

We were disappointed with the poor signage around the park but the park itself was beautiful.  We all set out on the loop walk to Indarri Falls returning via Duwadarri Lookout. 

The first part was to be moderate but the second part was described as difficult.  We took our time as we admired the views walking in a clockwise direction amongst trees and shrubs.  Pink flowering Turkey bush and Dryandros grevillea amongst yellow acacias were just beautiful.  When we got to the top the view was breathtaking. 

We spent quite a bit of time watching people canoe, the archer fish and other big fish in the water.  Finally we decided to move on.  We started to go in the direction of the upper gorge.  At this stage Bob decided he would go back.  The rest of us continued as far as the bower bird’s nest 

but then decided that it could be too much and returned the way we came and then continued on past the falls to Indarri Lookout 

and Duwadarri Lookout.  The fork off to Indarri Lookout was through a narrow channel between two rock faces.  

The limestone outcrops and ancient stones were interesting.

The walk to Duwadarri was along the top of the ridge.  Honeyeaters darted from shrib to shrub.  Duwadarri  is considered to be a sacred place.  

Finally it was a very steep narrow climb down from the ridge.  It would be much harder going up in this section of the track.

After lunch and resting a little we took off for the Cascades Walk.  Due to the dry wet season this area was not open to swimming as there was not enough water here.  It was a beautiful walk through shady paperbarks, pandanas and other trees.  Tufa formations were interesting to observe.

We probably walked about 7km today.  I couldn’t get over the diversity of the plants here.

We came back ready for showers and some relaxation.  It was a truly great day.

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