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3 July 2014

Normanton – Karumba (94km)

It was a beautiful morning.  It seems that the emu had adopted us.  It was waiting for us in the morning watching our every move.  As we left it even chased us.  We broke all records as we were on our way by 8:30am. 

Normanton was an interesting place.  It is small, established in 1867 and there is not much here.  They have about a dozen police to keep their residents in check. 

Our first port of call was the Information Centre.  Min then called several places to get road updates on the road to Cape York.  They have had rain out there two weeks ago so some roads are closed as even 4 wheel drives cannot get through the river crossings.  We will see how we go as we head north tomorrow.

We walked around Normaton seeing the old buildings including the Railway Station.  

The replica of the largest caught crocodile, Krys, is very imposing.  It was killed by a woman and by chance we are staying in the caravan park owned by her and her husband. 

It was strange seeing the old town well in the middle of the main street.

After lunch we made our way past the dryish wetlands – here the rain has been scarce but we still saw quite a few birds including brolgas and jabiru.

I was pleasantly surprised by Karumba.  

We are staying in very pleasant caravan park that is not crowded and the toilet facilities are just great.  We familiarized ourselves with the town, stocked up on barramundi and prawns then went to enjoy the sunset from the front of the Sunset Hotel in front of the coastline.

A dinner of barra kept us all happy and the sunset was like the icing on a cake.  A glorious day.

On returning to our campsite we were entertained by the green frogs in the toilet block.

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