Friday, August 8, 2014


4 July 2014

Karumba – 40 km South of Dunbar (229km)

Another beautiful morning.  After a leaisurely start we refueled and went to the bakery.  All of a sudden we heard a car alarm go off.  It was Bob and Žydre’s vehicle.  Just before a refrigeration truck had pulled up and apparently he scraped the side of their car and bent the mirrors.  Nothing serious but some time was spent exchanging details.  After morning tea we set of with some trepidation northward bound.  We had been advised to talk to the road crews along the way to get up to date information on road conditions.

So 38km out of Karuma we turned north east towards Dunbar and deflated the tyres for the dirt roads ahead as cows watched from the side.  We were surprised with the rubbish near this intersection. 

We continued on past thick scrub, termite mounds that were getting bigger and more dramatic and past hoards of cattle at waterholes.  As we went over one large creek crossing on a bridge Žydre and Bob spotted some fresh crocodiles. 

The dust from the road trains coming the other way was phenomenal.  Four such road trains passed us.  

For a road that is not a major road and so outback there was an amazing amount of traffic in both directions.  At times it felt like Pitt street. 

We camped in a lovely spot near a lagoon – maybe it was a creek – with white water lilies flowering in the water and blue and white flowers along its edge.  It was about 40km south of Dunbar. 

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