Monday, August 25, 2014


12 July 2014


It was a day to enjoy being where we are.  In the morning some wild
 horses visited the campsite and helped themselves to the rubbish bags campers had put in the bins. 

Flora and I drove to Bamaga to the bakery but it was closed.  We then tried to find the Arts and Crafts Centre but it was closed as well.  We did find an interesting store in New Mapoon though.  We then came back and relaxed with the others.  

Bob had managed to get a painted crab from a local fisherman so there was a delicacy to be had for afternoon tea.

We lit a fire tonight even though it is hot as we wanted some camp baked potatoes with our piece of rump.  We had gotten it from the local butcher and it was meat from local Brahman cattle.  It did have a different taste.  So Min looked after the fire whist we all went to watch the sunset.  When we came back Min had dinner ready.  What a treat.

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