Monday, August 25, 2014


TRIP 14 July 2014


A house keeping day today.  I was kept busy as I washed the sheets, the clothes and cleaned the Oka.  Flora and I also went to Bamaga and New Mapoon.  We went to the Arts and Crafts place three times but each time it was still closed.  They had told us that if we came back back at 1:00pm and if it was still closed they would open it up.  We came back at the designated time but still no luck in getting in. 

In the afternoon I relaxed and tried to catch up with my blog.  Min whittled away, Flora sewed, Žydre took photos and caught up with things whilst Bob sunbaked on the beach.

Tonight is our last sunset here so we all went down to the beach before dinner.  There were a few rain drops late afternoon and then as we watched a slide show of Žydres photos.

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