Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY 43 EUROPE TRIP - LITHUANIA – Mosedis Region – Rietava - Palanga

28 June 2009

LITHUANIA – Mosedis Region – Rietava - Palanga

It was our last morning here. We had an early start as we all wanted to go and check out one of the biggest markets here in Rietava. You can get anything here – old or new, from cars

to furniture,

clothes, food, plants, pets. It was unbelievable.

Then back to cousin’s place for lunch. Her sister dropped by with her daughter and family. I was hoping to meet the daughter and this was a great opportunity.

Eventually it was time to say our goodbyes as another cousin was waiting for us in Palanga. It was hard to say goodbye.

We drove to Palanga and first stop was where my sister-in-law was staying as we were going to join them here for a couple of days. We were immediately welcomed by sister-in-law husband’s cousin who had stayed with us in Australia quite a few years ago. We dropped off our gear and went to see another of my cousin’s for lunch close by. After several hours together we agreed to meet again the next day.

At Palanga it is a tradition of the locals and all those visiting to walk along the jetty to say goodnight to the setting sun before going to the cafes or back home for an evening meal. So we set out to join in this pilgrimage.

After watching the sun set we stopped at a café to listen to some live music.

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