Saturday, August 15, 2009

DAY 45 EUROPE TRIP - LITHUANIA –Palanga - Vilnius

30 June 2009

LITHUANIA –Palanga - Vilnius

It was time to return to Vilnius for the final stage of our trip to attend the 1,000 year celebrations and the Song Festival that will go on for 5 days.

After bidding our farewells and promising to stay in touch we headed back via the highway to Vilnius after having the car washed and having cleaned it inside.

Three and a half hours later we are in Vilnius. We did 3,812kilometres during our travels in Lithuania and had only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of seeing the country. Admittedly hubby and I have seen a considerable portion of it on our previous trips but there are still parts that we have not experienced. As we drove back to Vilnius we saw the last of the hay harvest.

We contacted the owner of the apartments we had rented for the coming week and arrange to meet him there. We really struck it good as the apartments are right in the centre of old town. Everything will be within walking distance during the festival. We are grateful to our friends in Canberra who recommended them to us. We are on level 2 and my sister in law is on level 3. Each unit is different but both are well furnished and very comfortable. After bringing up our luggage we head back to Grikiškes. We drop in at the carpet warehouse and organise for some rugs to be sent back to Australia. I did come with the intention of getting some rugs here if we liked what they had. Well they did have some beautiful rugs at really good prices. They should arrive in Sydney just before we do. Then onto brother-in-law cousin’s place to share our experiences and return the car. It was another wonderful evening that eventually had to come to a close as we needed to head back into town.

Thank goodness for late night supermarkets as there was one very close to the apartment. So on returning back we rushed down to get some breakfast supplies and tea and coffee. It is nice to have our own personal space after so many weeks of travelling.

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