Monday, April 19, 2010

DAY 47 Pt 1 EUROPE TRIP - LITHUANIA – Vilnius – Folk Art Exhibition

2 July 2009

Well if yesterday was what a night – it was WOW WHAT A NIGHT tonight.

The concert at Kalnu Parkas didn’t start till 10.00pm and was stunning. Yes 10.00pm start. It was an outdoor concert and couldn’t start until the sun started setting as the lighting effects will just not work in daylight. We also got wind of the fact that the concert goes for about 3 hours. So we were prepared for the late night.

It was a long day before the festivities. We met with friends, we wandered around, bought books. It is surprising who one can run into at these events. We ran into the family of my brother’s wife‘s sister, acquaintances from Melbourne, Sydney. The weather was starting to turn so we made sure we had our wet weather gear with us. We came across the contraption used by the police at events ,that were also available for hire, that enables one to move quickly from point A to B. I nearly got run down by one last night.

Modern scuptures have been erected as part of the program of Vilnius being part of the cultural centre of Europe program.

We went to the opening of the folk art exhibition around the corner from our place.

There was a lot to see at the exhibition. There were many different textiles ranging from cloths

to costumes,

including some very old day wear

paper cut outs that were just amazing,

easter eggs,

wood carvings for spining wheels,

wooden chests.

A most amazing exhibition.

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