Monday, April 19, 2010

DAY 47 Pt 2 EUROPE TRIP - LITHUANIA – Vilnius – Song Festival

2 July 2009

After visiting the exhibition we headed for Aušros Vartai as I had not visited this area of the town on my last visit and wanted to see whether it had changed. As in the rest of the town this area has also been beautifully restored.

We tried to get to hear the first part of the choir festival but were turned back as tickets were by invitation only. Had I known I would have used mycontacts to get tickets. Lots of people were upset as they had been lining up to get in to find out they couldn’t go in. This was not clear in the public program as it was advertised as a free public function. So instead we stopped for pancakes before making our way towards Kalnu Parkas via the Cathedral Square.

Here one group after another entertained the crowd.

There was lots of dancing to the music across the breadth and depth of the square to the music. This scene was repeated on subsequent days in this square.

We slowly made our way up to Kalnų Parkas for „Ansamblių Vakaras“ (the Emsemble evening) called“ Metai“ (The Year). Eager young performers from all over Lithuania were impatiently waiting on the green slopes.

The weather just seemed to hold on. It looked lke it was going to rain but the rain cloud thankfully passed us by. Some of the costumes were based on dress from the medieval times. They were just stunning.

We spent some time soaking in the atmosphere and excitement before the concert.

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