Thursday, July 3, 2014


25 June 2014

Glengyle Rest Area – Upper Limestone Creek Rest Area north of Boulia (300km)

It was a cold night and a very brisk morning.  I went to the hide in the morning as the sun came over the horizon.  Flora was already there.  She said birds were coming and going all the time – it was like their flight path through this area of teh creek.. 

Just after breakfast we heard several dingos howling.  It was a very loud and unusual sound.  After packing up we started off but Flora called us to go back a little bit to Cuttaburra Cossing.  What a sight! 

Flocks of swallows were flying and swooping in waves up and down in beautiful waves in the skies jusy over the road.  A lone pelican was sitting in the creek on a log on one side of the creek.  

On the other side in the wetland amongst brightly yellow flowers brolgas were sunning themselves. 

Cows were grazing nearby.

 It was just magic. 

We continued on past Glengyle station, the Toko channels onto Bedourie.  In places it looked very desolate. 

As we were now on bitumen we decided to inflate the tyres at Bedourie, the home of the camp oven. 

We saw the last of the Dreamtime Sculptures here.

From here we continued on to Boulia throught vast floodplains, grassy plains and gibber country.  After lunch we continued on to a lookout that just reinforced the vastness of the land. 

In Boulia we spent some time trying to get onto the internet whilst Bob and Žydre went to the Min Min show.  Flora and we had been to this show when each of us had been in Boulia before.  Boulia seemed not as ‘prosperous’ as it was when we were here two years ago. 

We then continued a little further north to Upper Limestone Creek Rest area for the evening.  Another fire to keep us warm tonight.  We crossed over to the Tropic of Capricorn but it was still chilly.

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