Thursday, July 3, 2014


25 June 2014

Upper Limestone Creek Rest Area north of Boulia – Mt Isa (255km)

We made our way into Mt Isa by lunchtime after another interesting drive. 

I play musical chairs between vehicles.  So I tend to alternate between going in the Oka and going with Flora.  As the Oka is the lead vehicle and the Range Rover is tail end Charlie, Flora’s Skoda is safely ensconced in the middle and I get some good shots of the Oka in front.

It was a little more hilly the closer we got to Mt Isa. 

Termite mounds started to appear.

As we were having morning tea and interesting vehicle rambled slowly up the road.  It was a tractor with a van on the back all decked out.

Luckily I had booked in at a caravan park for us all from Boulia as it was booked out by the time we arrived at 12:30pm.  We set up and everyone went every which way as we all had things we needed to sort out.  Instead of housekeeping we all needed to do ‘campkeeping’.  Bob and Žydre needed to have their car looked at as every time they went to lock it they would set off the siren.  They also had an oil leak they wanted checked.  Min was off getting our batteries tested as in the last several days they were not charging as well as they should be.  One battery proved to be 7 years old and had started to expand.  It had to go.  He was also concerned with how the batteries were set up.  My new mobile wifi was not working properly so after two hours at Telstra it was thankfully all sorted out. 

The first evening was we were sitting outside enjoying happy hour I looked up and saw a pair of birds in the tree directly above us. 

A little while later there were quite a few of them serenading us from above.  After a barbeque dinner at the camp kitchen we all dispersed as we were all tired.  It was noisy in town as I tried to go to sleep.  I could hear the traffic.  After being in the bush these sounds seem to amplify themselves.

The next day was taken up with laundry, shopping, cleaning and the day just flew.  Our two men were rather tense until everything was resolved with the vehicles.  Flora spent considerable time ferrying one or the other to various places.  Min bought three replacement house batteries and put them in.  Bob had the car checked and there were no serious issues with it. 

Min laughed when he saw the four of us with out IT gadgets all furiously typing away, sending messages, writing, sorting photos. 

By early evening everyone was relieved as the pressure was off and we are all ready to roll on towards Lawn Hill in the morning.

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