Friday, July 4, 2014


29 June 2014

31km East of Riversleigh Heritage site, Riversleigh Rd – Adel’s Grove (73km)

After a windy night and a cool brisky morning the day was nice.  

After breakfast I walked around with Flora trying to locate the budgies in the trees.  I cold hear them but couldn’t see them.  We have named Flora ‘hawk eyes’ as she can see and identify birds and animals at a great distance.  I finally captured some birds on film.

We had an interesting drive to Adel’s Grove.  

Three River Crossings and one creek crossing added an interest to the drive.  One of the crossings over the O’Shaugnessy River had very fast flowing water.

We stopped at the Riversleigh Fossil Fields, a World Heritage Site.  It is the place of significant fossil deposits of animals that lived in the area in lush rainforests 15-25 milion years ago.  Important discoveries and being made even as we speak.  There are volunteers and professionals working there currently.  This is one of the most significant and important fossil site in the world.

A well signposted self guided walk took us past fossil deposits of crocodile, turtle, thunderbird,

some interesting rocks,

 to the top of the limestone outcrop from where there was a great view of the surrounds. 

We then continued on to Adel’s Grove past rolling hills with stunning tall termite bounds that from a distance looked like sentinels.

Adel’s Grove was just lovely.  Our campsite was a little distance away from the grove as we wanted sun for our solar panels.  The grove by the water was very shaded and beautiful.  Paperbacks, ghost gums, red gums, pandanas provided a lovely environment.

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