Monday, August 11, 2014


6 July 2014

140 km south west of Musgrove – The Bend, Peninsula Development Road (256km)

Another lovely warm morning greeted us as we readied ourselves for the day ahead. 

The reflections of the trees in the lagoon were so nice.

A ute pulled up in the morning with an aboriginal and a white fell.  They were checking whether we had a dog with us as they were out laying dog baits.  I had a chat with them about the road ahead and they warned us of several rough sections ahead. 

We passed some lovely orange flowering  fern leaved grevillea.  

It was also another day with lots of birds around.  We have really struck flocks of birds constantly throughout this trip.  Termite mounds continue to provide interest along the way.  As we travelled further north east we were seeing many more magnetic termite mounds.

It was another day of lots of dry creek crossings and some with water.  According to Flora “Yesterdays adventure knocked the stuffing out of me”. 

We past Oremis Station without sighting it.  Then the road improved dramatically.  Dixie Station looked impressive.  Before we knew it we were at Musgrave.  We filled up at Musgrave and had lunch.  The hot chips here were scrumptious.

Musgrave is an historic place as well as an important regional service centre as well as having an airport here.  It is the only airport I have seen where cows graze on and around the runway.

We were now on the Peninsula Development Road heading for the Telegraph Track and the corrugations were constant.  

The vegetation was dense as we made our way to Coen and there were cattle around.

We stopped at the pub for a beer and then drove a little way out of Coen to a place by a creek called The Bend.  It was a lovely bush camping spot but very crowded.  We set up camp, Bob went for a swim and observed late arrivals trying to get across the creek to set up on the other side.  We saw some very crazy driving and total disregard for vehicles.  Also there were many irresponsible campers here.

We were all feeling excited at being this far along on our trip – not that far away from the Tip of Australia – Pajinka.

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