Saturday, August 16, 2014


9 July 2014

Punsand Bay – Loyalty Beach (25km)

We started the morning with a walk along the beach.  

There appeared to be old crocodile tracks in the sand at the end of the beach near a water channel with mangroves on the other side.

We packed up and made our way to Loyalty Beach.  Flora in her Skoda and we in our Oka left early to get to the campsite to get a good spot.  This was a more central location for our stay and more affordable.  We stopped at the Croc tent for a look and then continued on to arrive before 10:00am.  We were shown around but there were hardly any powered sites.  The sites are not numbered nor designated so it was a rather disorganised mess as far as where people were camping.  We found a suitable spot with power and grabbed it.  Not long afterwards Bob and Žydre arrived and we set up for our stay.  We put up our fly tent so that we could have a shady area to sit.  We were not on the beach but only a short walking distance away.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the day.

The day flew by very quickly.  In the evening we all went down to watch the sunset before dinner.

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