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8 July 2014

Bramwell Roadhouse – Punsand Bay (245km)

I really had not expected to be within coo-ee of the Tip – Pajinta today but that is what happened. 

At Bramwell one has the choice of going along the Old Telegraph Road or the Bamaga York Peninsula Road.  We were not going to do the Old Telegraph Road so set out on the bypass road.  It was generally a good road today.  There were some corrugations before the Jardine River crossing but they were not that bad for the Oka.  We were doing up to 70km in places. 

The vegetation was forever changing quite dramatically.  In one area there were no trees only medium shrubs.  Then there would be sections with really tall trees and thick vegetation.  Further on there was like a wall of trees.   It was very interesting to observe the changes.  Surprisingly there was a good stretch of bitumen just before Bat Falls.

We turned off onto the track for Bat Falls.  What a stunning place.  The falls were beautiful, the water clear.  Min and Bob went for a swim.   

Whilst the men swam us girls went for a walk looking at the interesting plants.  Beautiful pitcher plants were along the walkway. 

We were planning to go to Elliott falls on the way back but were picking up very mixed messages about the track.  Our primary concern was the Skoda but the camper trailer was also a worry.  So a decision was made for Bob and Min to go in the Oka up the Old Telegraph Road to Elliott Falls and the road out onto the main road from there.  A total of 21km.  Us girls continued on for 16 km in the remaining vehicles.  This was where the road came out from Elliott Falls.  We didn’t take long to get here.  It was very hot and there was little shade about.  We saw a very interesting miniature little gecko whilst waiting.  The men arrived over an hour later.  They had enjoyed their trip but Min said it was the worse lot of 4W driving that he had done and that the last part of the road was not doable by the Skoda or the camper.  The way into Elliott Falls from Bat Falls was also a problem for the Skoda as the creek was too deep.  So we knew we would not be going into Elliott Falls on the way back.

We continued on to Jardine River and went across on the barge.  

From here the road in many places was horrendous.  The corrugations were bad.  It was slow going for the Skoda and the Range Rover. 

We were so glad to see the Bitumen going to Bamaga.  At Bamaga we rang Punsand Bay and booked in for the night.  We got here latish.  It was too late to go to the Tip - Pajinta for sunset.

So we all went to the beach a few metres from our camp and sat and watched the sunset.  We couldn’t fully believe we were actually here – only a few kilometres from the top end of Australia.  We could see it from where we were.  We savoured the fact that we were staying at one of the closet places to the Tip in the area.  We were tired but excited.

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