Monday, June 21, 2010


14 June 2010


Today we really discovered the beauty of the peninsula.

We spent the better part of the day driving very slowly along the scenic drive.

It was about 18km from our campsite till we got back to the maintrack near the turn off to Caiman Creek. The drive was truly scenic.

We set out from our campsite past the crocoilde crossing. A couple camping at campsite 2 had seen two crocodiles on the beach just across from this crossing at different times yesterday.

We drove between 20 to 150 metres from the sea. Hubby’s GPs was teelling him that he was driving in the sea at this point whilst my map on the computer was showing us driving along the shore.

The scenery varied from savanah woodlands

to plains

to monsoon jungle.

The coast line also varied greatly.

The large rock ledges of Smith Point were not seen here.

In many places the sea had carved steep edges into the sand. At high tide the water was lapping against the carved out wall.

At one part of the coast, plant like material drapped the rocks.

Another part of the coastline showed damage from the recent cyclones here.

We were very aware of being in crocodile country. We constantly kept checking behind us to the side of us as the environment was definitely that of croc country. On top of that I would be looking out for snakes on the ground and pythons in trees. Someone was very amused by this and that wasn’t me. Hubby thought snakes were insignificant compared to crocodiles here.

After Lizard Bay the track turned west to take us back to the main road.

Termite mounds started to appear in this area

as we drove through a patchwork of burnt and unburnt woodland.

Along the way bird tracks on the sand kept us guessing what bird they belonged to.

There was evidence of Banteng but we did not see the animals themselves. You could see where crocs had made there way across grasses and at times left prints on the track.

One crab seemed happy sitting on the rocky shore line.

Tiny flowers brightened up the surrounding grasses.

Fruit was ripening on the pandanas

and in places it was scattered burnt on the ground after the recent burn off.  Apparently it is great fuel for a fire.

Again we had some manoevering issues to get through due to trees growing too close by or low branches. In the end hubby decided to take the aerial off in order to protect it.

At the main track we turned off again to go to see Caiman Creek as this is one of the fishing spots. There were interesting humps built on the track. The idea is that they protect the road from being washed out. They are quite tall and most 4Wds would be cursing going over them. In the Oka it was easy. You could see where they have tried going around them. In many places the rangers have put obstacles around the sides to stop them going around them.

There was a steep hill on this track. Whilst this is normal for us from the east it is considered unusual here in the territory.

Hubby decided he did not want to fish here.

There was a beautiful view in the distance of the distant shoreline.

Another lovely day in a special place.

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