Tuesday, June 22, 2010


20 June 2010


We didn’t travel very far today. Our first stop was Edith Falls now know as Leliyen.

We decided to do the first part of the loop walk and then return along the same path based on information gleemed from other travellers. I really did not look forward to the walk up to the lookout. But the only way to get there was up. Luckily the track was much better than yesterday. The views down the valley gave one a perspective of where you were.

At the lookout you got a view of the lower pool but not the falls.

So we kept going till we got a full view of the falls.

They were spectacular. You can feel the power/force of the water as it gushes over the rocks.

There were several pools at the top level.

One upper pool was nearly obscured by the rocks and foliage.

We decided to keep going and the next section was okay to go down but you were walking over boulders rather than stones.

There were lots of people just sitting around on the rocks. A few were in the water. After soaking in the scenery we made our way back to have a look at them from below.

The lower pools were so quiet and still compared to those at the top.

After lunch we headed for Katherine.

We decided to stay at Springvale Homestead Caravan Park on recommendation of others. Spirngvale Homestead is the oldest homestead still standing in the Northern Territory. It was built in the 1880s.  Many tours come here to see the homestead and have devonshire tea.

The place has atmosphere and a boab tree.

Having secured our spot here we headed for the information centre to pick up our tickets for the Katherine Gorge Cruise.  Then back to the campsite so settle in. Hubby decided to put the two new spares onto the back wheels. This took quite an effort. In the meantime I was not able to get into the car to prepare a meal so we had a most beautiful meal at the homestead instead.

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