Tuesday, June 22, 2010


17 June 2010


It is time to leave this fabulous place and make our way back to Kakadu. We got up early as the tides dictate when one can cross Cahill Crossing. We wanted to be through the crossing no later than 1.00pm

So we headed back and not at the leasurely speed we had come up. It still took us five hours to get to the crossing. I had forgotten how windy the road in the park was. Once you are out of the park the road is not that windy. We did stop on the way out to see Wanya Beach.

We were astounded to see the cement pier there. We wandered who and why built it there.

We passed from savanah country to stony country.

Then over the crossing

and to the Border Store we went for lunch. They pride themselves on homemade pies and french pastries. So we indulged.

Then onto Jabiru to stock up on fruit and vegetables. I couldn’t get reception in Jabiru for my internet so we went to the airport and I managed to download the email and post one item onto the blog. Next stop was the Visitor Centre to check if the status of anything has changed. Very little has changed. At least a third of the places listed are closed and they are mainly tracks and walks. The campsites along the main roads are open but the others are not.

We did not go far today as we stopped at Malanbanjbandju for the night. It is a lovely campsite next to a billabong.

Another family with three children, 1, 3 and 6 year olds, was also camping here.

There is a walk from this campground but guess what – it is closed.

After you drove in to the campsite you were confronted with this sign. A bit of a worry if you were to camp here in a swag.

After dinner we replanned the rest of the trip. Due to earlier changes to itinery and the longer than anticipated stay in Darwin somethings had to drop off. We found out that Gregory National Park tracks are now open so we will still do this part of the trip. At this stage we think we can fit in Nhulunbuy and the Savanah Way. But we have to give Daly River and Douglas Springs a miss. Time will tell where we will finish up going.

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