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21 June 2010


Another early start today as we had booked on the 9.00am Nitmiluk two gorge cruise.

The cruise had an interesting twist as between the two gorges you had to get out and walk about 400-500 metres to the start of the next gorge and board a second boat. The process was repeated on the way back.

It was about a 40 minute trip to the gorge. When you got there you ended up walking to the visitor’s centre. It has a very good display on capturing both white and aboriginal settlement of the area.  From here it is another 5 minute walk to the river. They run quite a few boats but is it organised very well. You cue up in an area away from the boarding area so there is no crowd pushing or shoving to get on the boat. As you go through your ticket is checked and you walk down a walkway to the waiting boat. As you wait in the cue the flying foxes provided entertainment.

We had an excellent guide on the trip. The first thing of interest on the cruise was seeing the crocodile trap set up in gorge 1. The are still not allowing any swimming or canoeing in the gorges.

Further down the gorge we saw a freshwater crocodile by the bank.

All along the gorge there are lovely little sandy coves. However, they are not for you or me to enjoy but a breeding area for the freshwater crocodiles.

Between first and second gorge there are a few aboriginal paintings.

There were animal tracks in the little sandy hidden shelters along the track.

The second gorge had more bends in the river - it snaked through the landscape.

After the cruise we went into town to stock up and to see if our permit had come through. Well the permit to go to Nhulunbuy has been a long saga. We applied by mail and indicated that it would be picked up in Darwin. In Darwin, when we got there they couldn’t find it. They rang Nhulunbuy who indicated that whilst the road is closed no permits will be issued. We filled in a second application form. Before leaving Darwin they had not received the permit for us so we organized pick up in Katherine. Well they lost it again. Finally after some calls to Nhulunbuy and several hours of chasing it up we got it. Then back to the campsite to catch up on chores. Internet access has been sporadic from the campsite so I am having trouble downloading last weeks blogs. We are both feeling rather tired today.  So I will try to download them again from the visitor's centre tomorrow.

Instead of words I will leave you with more pictures from the gorge cruise.

First gorge

Between the gorges

Second gorge

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