Friday, June 27, 2014


20 June 2014

LOUTH – TIBOOBURRA via Wanaaring (368km)

It was a long day of driving through ever changing landscapes.  

On the road to Wanaaring there were many gidgee trees and some leopord trees.  The leopard trees were really beautiful. 

Flora saw an aerial on the ground, Bob picked it up and Min fixed it on.  We make a great team.  Communications between vhicles was now much better due to great team work.  Morning tea is always a bit of a ritual.

We saw some red kangaroos and quite a few euros and the odd emu.  An occasional goat also made an appearance.  

Our lunch stop was at the Paroo River.  We continued onto Wannaring. It is a very small place with just a roadhouse and several houses.  Min managed to buy a second hand aerial.

We were surprised to see water not far out of Tibooburra. 

There were lovely little wildflowers in bloom along the edge.

Cattle were walking on the track further up from the water.  It was just so beautiful. 

We arrived in Tibooburra as the sun was setting.  We were all very tired.  So after setting up camp we walked down to the main street and after going in to the very busy hotel on the corner, because of happy hour, we chose the quieter hotel with the beautiful paintings by Pugh, Minchin and others.  After dinner at the pub we all came back and retired for the night.

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