Thursday, June 26, 2014


17 June 2014


What a lovely morning to start our trip.  I enjoyed a cuppa as I looked out over Bungendore Valley. 

Soon we are on our way. From Bungendore to Gold Creek in Nicholls, ACT to meet up with the third vehicle in our convoy.  After a cuppa three very different vehicles were on their way.  A Skoda, a  Range Rover with a Jayco Eagle on the back and an Oka.  

To the sounds of ‘Rollin, rollin’, rollin’ we headed out towards the west.  

As we headed along Burley Griffin Way to Harden sheep were grazing on lovely lush green grasses, birds were flying overhead. 

When we got to Stockinbingal we were stopped by a freight train going past.  We could nearly have boiled a cuppa as we waited for 48 carriages carrying steel to go past.  We wandered where we it was going from and where to.  

We stopped for lunch at MacKay Park at Wallendbeen.  A lovely park with a sculpture across the road.

We continued on to Cargelligo Weir for our first night stop.  A campfire was soon underway to keep us warm as we enjoyed our first dinner away.

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