Friday, June 27, 2014


21 June 2014


No driving today.  It was supposed to be a day to catch up on things but I don’t know where it disappeared. 

We were able to have a shower and after that we washed some clothes.  Min put in place the new UHF aerial and fixed a pin prick of a hole that was allowing red dirt in the Oka.  Bob also did maintenance things around his rig.  We were charging things up all day.  Flora, Žydre and I went for a walk around Tibooburra.  As it was Saturday it was very quiet in town and not everything was open.  We visited the museum and the park with the replica of the whaling boat Sturt’s party carried in the park at the end of town. 

Two birds were obviously making a home in the chimney of the engine standing there.  

After a relaxing barbeque lunch we downloaded photos, discussed the next stage of the trip and did what we had to do.  

Bob and Žydre drove out to watch the sunset from the lookout whilst we stayed back at the campsite.  We went back to town for happy hour and then returned to our campsite for nibblies and a chat.  A lovely relaxing day.

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