Friday, June 27, 2014


22 June 2014

TIBOOBURRA – via Warri Gate to 21km North of Dig Tree (272km)

The granite rocks circling the campsite looked brilliant in the morning light as we had a leisurely breakfast.

After much deliberation about how to proceed to Birdsville because of the fuel range of the vehicles in our group we decided to go via Warri Gate to Birdsville.

Our mornings are getting ever so slightly warmer as we go.  As we set out it was an ever changing terrain - from rich reds and gibber country to grey harsh terrain against a beautiful blue sky and white clouds.  We saw a beautiful eagle.   There were actually quite a few eagles that we spotted as we travelled.  The trees along dry creek beds and waterways attest to how little water they need to survive.

We arrived at Waddi Gate and crossed the dingo fence that travels such a vast distance in Australia.

As we travelled we came across a number of dead roos.  We were all very disturbed at finding a badly injured roo for a second time lying on the road unable to move. 

As we had morning tea on the turn off to Nappa Merrie Santos Road two doubles pulled up at the corner carrying cattle. 

The brahman cattle looked very healthy despite the harsh conditions.  We travelled through immense gibber plains with extremely sparse vegetation.

Flowers are beginning to flower as they have had some rain recently.  It is hard to believe that things can grow in such dry places.

We stopped for a stretch in the afternoon when we noticed that Min had left his pliers on the roof rack and they were still there regardless of the road conditions. 

Then, after driving some more through still ever changing terrain  

I noticed that the pipe in the front of the vehicle had somehow moved and we stopped to see what was going on.

There appears to be a new sealed road from Innaminka to Thargomindah and we travelled along it for a while.  We asked a passing ranger about where to camp and got the impression that it was okay on the other side of Coopers Creek.  There were several other campers there.  We didn’t notice the ‘no camping’ sign on the way in.  

We had not set up when the ranger drove up and suggested we move on as the police will be coming to move everyone on.  He suggested that there is good camping with wood further on.  We followed his directions but there was no wood at all where he said.  We camped on a gibber plain just off the road.  We were made very welcome by the hoardes of flies.  Those that had them found their face nets very quickly.

As there was no wood – just gibber we had no fire.  So we all spent the evening in our Oka as it was just too cold outside.

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