Monday, May 3, 2010


25 April 2010


The day has finally arrived - we are to take off for the top end of Australia. We intend to explore the top end of Australia between WA and Qld borders, ie Northern Territory part of the top end. With all the rain up north who knows what we will actually see but we will make the most of the opportunity to be up there.

But, are we ready? Not quite.

There are still the last things to pack, then the house needs a thorough clean as a housesitter is coming in. So we rush around till finally tired and exhausted we say this is it.

 I've got a cold and hubby's gums are swollen after a tooth extraction several days ago.  So not a good way to start a trip.

It is a beautiful autumn day, although overcast and also our 35th wedding anniversary. I sure didn’t expect to be spending it in such a rush.

Finally at 5.00pm we head off in separate cars. Hubby in the Oka goes to fuel up, whilst I drop in at the library to drop of a book. At the shopping centre its starts to drizzle and then a beautiful rainbow emerges. A good omen for the trip I think.

We both dropped in to say goodbye to our youngest son’s family. Hubby was met with great enthusiasm by little grandson. I don’t think the 2 year old understands that he will not see us for a long time. He loves collecting the mail so I told him how the postman will bring him postcards from us as we travelled north. He had given me a drawing to put up in the Oka.

Having said goodbye we headed for Jindabyne to our daughter’s place to drop off my car and the dog. When I got there my grand-daughter didn’t give me time to say hello before presenting me with a fan she had made as „it will be hot where we are going“

and a leaf print on fabric in autumn colours to remind me of autumn whilst we are away.

Before I could thank her, she marched me off to her bedroom to show me the map she had put up in her room to show me where I was going. She had it down pat and she is only four years old.

I finally got a chance to say hello to everyone else including her little brother. Before long hubby arrived and we said goodbye as he had booked us in for dinner at Crackenback Resort and we were running late.

Finally we got time to enjoy our wedding anniversary and to reminisce on the great years we’ve had and to ponder the future.

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