Monday, May 3, 2010

Finished a quilt

23 April 2010


I was hoping to get lots of quilting done this year ie 2010. I have struggled with time to do them but I managed to finish two quilts recently. Two very different quilts but both are my own designs.

I decided to join Dijanne Cevaal’s KISS project. We were challenged to make a quilt that uses two fabrics, no surface design and only straight stich. It was quite a challenge.

I’ve called it Nature's Sculpture - Coral in Sand. I was inspired by a piece of coral embedded into the sand that I saw whilst walking at Dolphin Cove. I have made lino prints with the image and now felt like exploring it in stitch.

The second quilt is quite different. I had some panels with trucks so I came up with an idea of how to incorporate the trucks into the quilt I made a quilt for my grandson’s 2nd birthday and forgot to take a photo till I got to Jindabyne. So I had to improvise to take a photo of it. He loved the quilt and it sits on his bed.

In the last 12 months I have done very little in terms of my quilting. I finished a quilt started in Jan Irvine-Nealie’s Running Stitch class that I called ‚Winter grasses‘

I also made my newest granddaughter a bassinet quilt that was my design

and a capsule quilt that I designed myself.

In addition I did finish another granddaughter’s butterfly quilt that was also my own design.

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