Monday, May 3, 2010


3 May 2010

BEETALOO - PIMBA via Woomera

The day started with a bit of a weld job on a bolt .

Then it was time to say goodbye again and hit the road. We are hoping to meet up again in Jindabyne later in the year. We always enjoy meeting and being together.

Having left Beetaloo we felt that we were finally on our way for our next big adventure. Soon there is a reminder of how far water is pumped from the Murray River.

We soaked up the scenery and remembered the last night we headed north from Port Augusta in January 1984 with the children and a friend in our Landrover.

At lunchtime we were reminded how small the world was. A family came up to our Oka to say hello as they knew the owners of Oka 196 very well. What a coincedence as we had visited the owners of Oka 196 whilst in Adelaide.

We went to Woomera Village. I was amused by the local newsletter „Gibber Gabber“. What a name! Interesting to read that tourist numbers were down. The museum had an ecclectic mixture of exhibits.

The rockets, planes and guns outside were definitely of interest.

We then backtracked a bit to Pimba to spend the night at the Spuds Roadhouse camping area.   Pimba means ‚pine tree‘ in local aboriginal language yet it is found on a flat treeless tableland. The billboard says it has a population of 35 and then quickly adds that they are visited by thousands of people every year. It is free camping here and as the night progressed more and more vehicles made there way here. The bins are interesting here as bicycle wheels are used to keep the birds and other animals at bay.

After a beer at Spuds

it was time to cook dinner and to call in on the radio.

To the Top End we plan to go
But what way should we go
Canberra base is in the east
So many options – what a feast!

So west we head to Adelaide
As time for family must be made
Before heading further west
To Australia’s crossroads – north, east or west

Then from south to north we will head
Through Australia’s central length we will trek
As we weave between east and west
Off the main road straight ahead
Stocked up and ready for adventure
We will see how far we will venture.

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