Monday, May 3, 2010


28 April 2010


Another overcast drizzly day today. At night the trucks kept going all night along the highway. I was very annoyed when one pulled in for a stop right next to us sometime through the night as it woke us up.

We stopped along the way just past Coonalpyn and we saw the most unusual thing - shells. Thinking about it later, maybe it is not so unusual as it is not that far from the Coorong.

We got into Adelaide by lunchtime and visited my mother in the nursing home. I was really happy with the environment in which she was in. It was nice, airy, modern and very spacious. Mum has a good size room. It was her birthday and she had flowers and cards. Her sister was with her when we arrived. It was close to afternoon tea time so they organised for the residents to sing happy birthday to her and cut the cake made by my niece.

After spending some time with mum we dropped in at Bunnings to get a few things we forgot such as a window cleaner on a rod and then onto my brother’s place. He is the only one of the six of us left in Adelaide at the moment and I am very grateful for all he does for mum. He and his famly really made us feel welcome.

My brother, niece and I went back to the nursing home with a little chocolate birthday cake – a delicious Nigela recipe also made by my niece. We spent some time with mum in a nice lounge celebrating her birthday. The rest of the evening was spent catching up at my brother’s place.

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