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OKA 74

24 April 2010


I decided to write about our OKA as it has undergone a major change. We bought our OKA in August 2004. It was made up of two dual cabs welded together. The inside was dark and made with heavy materials.

Last year we decided to do major work on it as rust had been found in the body. We gutted the vehicle and took it in May 2009 to Ian in Melbourne who undertook the major task in getting the rust out. In September hubby picked up an unrecognisable vehicle. New look front as the bulbar was replaced. It took 4 men to remove the old bullbar as it was so heavy.

The passenger side was changed as an outdoor cooking station cum barbecue was added.

The back had a box added to take our blow up boat.

Now that the body had been fixed the work started to refit the inside. As I mentiond the inside was totally gutted.

The decision to gut it was made because of the weight of the original fit out. It had double layers of MBF. So the interior was totally redesigned and rebuilt using plywood instead of 20mm mdf and finished off using resilience.  As a result we have been able to ft in a special double drawer for sauces on the kitchen side

and a decent size dinette.

All campervan electrics have been redone including interior lighting. Consequently, we have lightened the vehicle considerably and created an incredible amount of very accessible storage place.

For those techno buffs in the following modifications were also made to the vehicle:
- rear door activated light
- 3 auxiliary batteries and one starter battery
- all axles converted to 35 spline
- 3rd solar panel added
- 20mm spring shackle bolts (thanks to Peter Wright)
- new hoist lift for spare wheel on the back of the car
- all windows are tinted
- wall and roof insulation in cab and camper body
- external barbeque/cooker (made by Ian Jones)
- demountable electric winch
- manual hand throttle
- steering conversion to larger steering box to improve turning circle
- original bulbar replaced by lighter Oka bullbar. Original bullbar required 4 men to lift it off
- inflatable boat carrier box on rear of vehicle next to spare tyre
- external table and chairs carried in storage bag fitted over rear spare tyre
- hi-clone added
- installed HF and UHF radios.

Our motorhome consists of:
2 x105 lt fuel tanks, double bed, 1 x 80 lt and 1 x 75lt water tanks, storage under bed, dinette, 3 - 64w solar panels, cupboards, drawers, inverter, sink, 4 gas hot plates and oven, 72 lt 12 w chest Auto fridge, 31 litre Waeco fridge/freezer, 4 lt cooler, toilet, external shower, reversing camera.

We have done some major big trips in the vehicle that we have enjoyed
1. Corner Country, Birdsville, south west Queensland (4 weeks) 2004
2. Carnavon Gorge (2 weeks) 2005
3. NSW National Parks Canberra to Foster (3 weeks) 2006
4. Via the Gascoyne to Pilbara and Kimberley and returned via Tanami and Oodnadatta Tracks (16 weeks) 2008 (see our blog entries commencing March 2008)
5. Currently on our way up to the Top End

Back cupboards above the bed.

Clothes cupboard and kitchen



View towards front with pantry cupboards on each side.

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