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12 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Day 10

From Well 19 to WELL 21 - Tjilkabulka, 22- matirlirri and GeoRGIA BORE (115km)

About a kilometre from where we camped we came across a lovely campsite amongst the desert oaks. It was another picturesque drive this morning through groves of desert oaks.

The drive to Savoury Creek was described as pleasant in the ‚bible‘ and I suppose they were right if you disregarded the bouncy, bouncy dunes and the odd bit of corrugation. We met traffic going south again.

Savoury Creek was interesting. There was quite a bit of water in it. When we got to the crossing we made sure that the driver of the lead car walked across it and back to check it out.

You had to drive across a ‚dry‘ part of the slat water creek and then across a section of water. Us girls decided to walk across and take some pictures from the other side. We got some calls across the creek regarding ‚what we were doing‘ as we had to go off to the side to get across. In places it was very soft.

Only one vehicle crossed at a time. The first vehicle came through okay but with some acceleration through the water. It was a rough crossing especially through the water section.

Our vehicle came next and our water bucket jumped out from its home into the creek over the bouncy water part. Garry walked out to retrieve it.

Then came Harry and did his Oka do a back wheel bounce in the air as he crossed as he hit the hole and/or rock.

Then we rambled on along the track continuing to enjoy the sights.

We did not go into Well 20 as we decided fuel was too precious for the 20km return side trip and the well had collapsed and was only a depression in the ground.

As we made our way to Well 21 we stopped and explored Lake Disappointment.

The salt bushes with their contorted limbs looked like miniature bonsai. We saw some insects caught in the salty surface.

Further along the track were the remains of a utility mounted caravan that had shaken to bits on the track.

We stopped at well 21 for a look. There are stories about an alleged murder associated with this well.

We kept going straight ahead from here to Well 22 and had some fabulous views as we crested sand dunes.

At one of our stops Harry noticed an indentation in his diff cover but the car was still going. We decided to continue to Gorgia Bore and look a it there. Everyone was ready to tow it if necessary. He did struggle to cross one dune and as the other Oka’s couldn’t get back up to the dune reversing, Garry turned around and towed him reversing back down.

A very quick look at Well 22 as all that’s left is an indentation in the ground.

Then we continued onto Georgia Bore on the Talawana Track.

There is good water here as CRA Exploration left a hand operated pump for use by travellers here. It is a lovely campsite.

However, the boys were immediately under the cover seing what the problem was. Apparently all the bolts in the diff had not been tightened by whoever last worked on it and were very loose and one of the bolts had sheared off. So they drained the oil, did what they had to do and then using a stocking filtered the oil of any filings and reused it. Hubby also had some oil with him and they used that as well to fill it up.

We were all rather subdued this evening and just grateful that it was not anything more serious.

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