Wednesday, August 29, 2012


15 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Day 13
well 26 – tiwi-teiwa, WELL 27 – Rarrki, Well 28 – Wurunu (90km)

Another bitterly cold start to the day. The wind was going straight through you.

I had a better look at Well 26 this morning. It has been totally reconstructed and the water is very nice.

After yesterday, today was a bit of a non event except that I did drive today including over a sand dune. The country side varied from being lush with vegetation to burnt out sections.

 We stopped at Slate Hill to have a look for fossilised rocks and Tektites.

Turtle Hill was aptly named.

There is very little left of Well 27 as it has been destroyed by fire and termites. The cacaphony of zebra finch’s calls from the paperbark trees filled the air. There were hundreds of them here flitting from tree to tree.

As we were travelling up and over the dunes a camel stood regal and tall on the ridge of one dune.

Well 28 was our lunch stop. There is nothing left of the well here.

At one dune we met about another 10-12 vehicles going south. We commented that this was supposedly the most remote track in the world but the amount of traffic creates doubts. However, you do have to be totally self-sufficient on the track. You need to be able to bail yourself out of trouble. Yesterday, neither of the two convoys who passed asked or offered to help.

Many dunes today were full of moguls resulting in a bouncy ride. Some corrugations but they were not bad. Over the UHF the comments flowed at each dune. „Got over it it in 1st high“. „Walk it over in low 2nd“. „Suggest 2nd low at 2000 revs“. „Suggest 2nd low at 2500 revs“. „Take a run up“.. „Soft sand on turn at the top“.

The best way to describe today is up and down then around and weave along the swale to the next dune. As you reach the crest of one you see the next. They were okay except that hubby needed to drop his tyres today for one ascent.

We are camped tonight not far from Thingle Rock.

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