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17 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Day 15

well 35 – KINYU, WELL 36 via BUNGABINNI – KIRLKIRL (WANDA), WEll 37 – LIPURU (LIBRAL) (93km)

We headed off quite early on a corrugated track for about 20 km from Well 33. The landscape was flat and open. The corrugations were not as bad as what we were made to believe from those travelling south. We took them slowly – between 22-25km and it was generally a comfortable ride. As someone on the trip said we were travelling slower than through a school zone. It was suggested they should take out the bitumen around schools and put in corrugations – that would slow the traffic right down.

We decided not to go to Well 34 as it was another one in absolute ruin. From the turn off to Well 35 and Well 36 we travelled through sand dune country and deset oak forest. The scenery again was very interesting.

At Well 35 ruin

Oka 306 had a flat tyre. So a longish morning tea break as that was attended to.

It was somewhat confusing trying to work out the track from Well 35 to Well 36 that was through the so called Great Oak Forest. We were going round in circles, our GPs units were totally confused and the track out was not where we thought it should be. We will never forget the exit from this well – round and round in circles.

We had intened to see Bungabinni Well but somehow missed it. It was a lovely windy drive over the dunes to Well 36.

After lunch we set out for Well 37.

Very disappointing as the literature referred to it as an intact well. Well that it definitely was not.

The graves of the three murdered stockmen are not far from the well.

As we recapped we all felt that a lay day was needed soon. We thought we would wait until we got to a place with water.

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