Thursday, August 30, 2012


16 July 2012

STAGE 3 CSR Day 14

Thring rock, Well 30 – JUNtu juntu (or also known as DUNDA JINNDA), WELL 31 – WARLAWARLA, KUNAWARRITJI COMMUNITY, WELL 33 – KUNAWARRITJI (121km)

Another windy morning. This wind is really getting to us. We are in what is supposed to be a warm/hot part of Australia but except for early afternoon we are stlll rugged up.

If it is flat there are corrugations but they were not so bad. Heather Highway was worse. We stopped to have a look at Thring Rock. Oka 306 went across it but the rest of us stayed below and walked up part of the way.

Just before Well 30 we met a convoy of 6 vehicles with 12 adults and 7 children.

Then at Well 30 there was another convoy of 2 vehicles. It was a lovely blue sky with wispy clouds.

The lanscape today was not as dramatic but many honey grevilleas, accacias and other flowering shrubs lined the track.

Between Well 30 and 31 there were constant limestone ridges. Whilst it was decribed as rough going we didn’t consider it to be that rough. We have been on much rougher stuff on other trips.

The remains of what was Well 31 was between lovely coolabah trees.

We bypassed Well 32 as apparently there was not much left of it and continued on to the Kunawarritji Community to top up with fuel.

So far we have travelled 829km since Granite Peak in 12 days and have used 176.1 litres of fuel. We have averaged 4.7km per litre. Not bad going considering the type of track we are travelling on.

After refuelling, icecream and sending postcards we headed for Well 33 several kilometres north. We could have camped at the community but it was $50 per vehicle per night. The amenities were great but we all prefered to bush camp.

No campfire tonight as we didn’t get a chance to collect wood before getting here. We sat around together watching a magnificent sunset and then retired for dinner and a quiet night.

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